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About Us

St. Albert Creative Preschool

This premier St. Albert Preschool is a non-profit, non-denominational preschool registered as a Society with Alberta Registries. The Preschool has been in operation in St. Albert since 1964.

We aim to provide a friendly, warm environment for young children aged 3-5 years. We place as much importance on social development as on academic achievement.

Our St. Albert Preschool aims to develop the mental, physical, and emotional facets of the children through creative play, including arts and crafts, drama, creative movement and dance, games, singing and other activities. We also have access to a large play area in the building and, weather permitting, a school yard nearby.

The teachers have professional qualifications in Early Childhood Development, preschool education, and first aid certification. Each child registered in the Preschool is insured, as are the teachers.

The St. Albert Creative Preschool has operated in various locations over the past fifty years. We currently rent space within Christ Community Church, located at the edge of Erin Ridge in St. Albert, on the north end of Coal Mine Road.