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Executive Council

St. Albert Preschool

Our St. Albert Preschool is operated by a parent-run Executive Council, elected by the St. Albert Creative Society members (parents of registered children). The new Council is formed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in late August shortly before the start of the St. Albert Preschool year. A detailed invitation will be emailed closer to the date.

Parents are encouraged to participate, as without an Executive Council the Preschool could not function. The Council is responsible for developing and maintaining regulations and policy relating to the conduct and operation of the Preschool. This includes sustaining and ensuring that the Preschool and Society business, at all times, is conducted in strict conformity with provincial and municipal laws and regulations and current Society bylaws. The Council meets once a month from September to June.

Please consider joining the Council – it is a great way to get involved in your child’s preschool education and to meet people! Furthermore, parents who have volunteered to be an Executive Council Member on the Parent Board are exempt from any and all Fundraising Fees (see Programs & Fees for more information). They are, however, welcome and encouraged to participate in any and all fundraising events should they so choose. Parents who are elected to be on the board will have their fundraising cheques returned to them or destroyed.

St. Albert Preschool 2018-2019 Executive Council

President – Leigh Ann Smith
As chairman of the Executive, the President will preside at all meetings of the Society. The President will ensure that the St. Albert Creative Preschool Society and Preschool are sustained and operated in a manner that is financially and legally sound.

Registrar & Vice President – Krystal Davies
The Registrar is responsible for processing current and following-year registration and enrollment and maintaining related lists. This includes handling all phone calls and emails relating to registration.

Director of Finance – Adrienne May
Director of Finance shall be responsible for ensuring all proceeds from fundraising have been recorded and collected accordingly, and will work closely with the Director of Fundraising and School Administrator.

Director of Fundraising – Jamie Yehya
The Director of Fundraising shall be responsible for planning, organizing, and managing all fundraising activities including promoting and liaising with vendors and sponsors, as well as managing and ensuring that active member volunteers are available to participate.

Director of Marketing & Communications – Michelle Richardson & Kirstin Miller
The Director of Marketing & Communications is responsible for advertising for enrollment through social media as well as local outlets, as well as the creation of monthly newsletters.

Director of Operations – Cori Bridges
The Director of Operations shall act as the liaison between SACPS teachers and its membership families and is responsible for internal communications to enrolled families.  The Director of Operations is also responsible for the creation and distribution of monthly calendars and taking all meeting minutes.