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Special Events

Every month, the preschoolers go on a field trip or have a special in-class visitor.

Field trips

Preschoolers enjoy exploring and visiting new places. St. Albert Creative Preschool fosters this by organizing out-of-class field trips such as:
– International Children’s Festival in St. Albert
– Gymnastics Club
– Public Library
– Nature Walks
– St. Albert Museum

Parents attend most field trips with their child. Where appropriate, younger siblings may attend.

In-Class Visitors

Special visitors are invited into the class to teach the students about their careers or talents. Some examples are:
– Musicians
– St. Albert Art Gallery
– Police Officer
– Fire Fighter
– Bring a Pet Day
– Yoga Instructor
– Dental Hygienist

Special Celebrations

Kids love to celebrate and St. Albert Creative Preschool gives them lots of opportunities to do just that!
– Halloween Party
– Christmas Concert
– Teddy Bear Picnic
– Valentine’s Day Party
– Winter Festival
– Birthday Celebrations
– Father’s Night
– Mother’s Day Tea
– Year-End Concert